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The Contrast Club believes in the value of artisan-ship and the importance of a personal connection with each and every product that is put together in its workshop

A network of artisans throughout Europe bring in their unique expertise in producing various parts for a final assembly.

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Textile work and small scale manufacturing

Textile parts for the products are handsewn by our Helsinki based artisan, while some small-scale manufacturing is done in Italy.

Goldsmiths and metal work

Following long lasting traditions in Finland, our precious metal items are created and enamelled by Finnish goldsmiths.

Detailed parts often require individual casting by a specialist jewellery foundry run by a family in the beautiful countryside of Uusimaa.

Millinery arts

Hat blocking and millinery crafting is concentrated in the UK, where years of expertise and focus on material quality make this the best place of production for our products.

Leather Artisans

All leather items are handcrafted by artisans in the UK and Finland, with all leather paint work being carefully done by hand for each piece.

Responsible dyeing

Dyeing of fur and silk parts are done at our workshop in Helsinki. Natural dyes are used and leftover material is disposed of without it ending up in the waterways.


All products are finished off and assembled in our workshop in Helsinki and shipped off around the world.

Learn more about material choices at The Contrast Club

International production and environmental responsibility

Working with the best artisans around Europe is extremely valuable to us. In order to make unique and innovative products, it is absolutely necessary to reign in the best know-how within the continent, however, this requires for parts to be moved around, causing a strain on the environment.

To minimise negative effects of these operations there are multiple steps that are taken:

  • Carbon offsetting with couriers
  • Minimising need to send parts around
  • Moving parts around in larger groups, avoiding one-off delivery

The overall carbon footprint of the company is something that we are eager to minimise and will be a continuous effort.