Corvum Cigar Case


Cigar case of brown Russian leather based on hides found on the 1786 Metta Catherina shipwreck.
The exterior is decorated with sterling silver detail, an embedded spinel gem stone and black organic velour.
The interior is lined with leather and Spanish cedar separators with silver tops.
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The Corvum Cigar Case is available in one size only.


Handcrafted case with Russian calf leather exterior.

The leather is based on hides found on the shipwreck of the Metta Catherina, a ship that went down in 1786, but was only found in the 1970’s. The reindeer hides in the cargo had been preserved by the silt and have a beautiful detailed finish.

The case is decorated with individually cast sterling silver detail with a black embedded spinel gem stone and black organic cotton velour.

The interior of the case is dark brown goat leather with Spanish cedar separators and sterling silver detail.

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Avoid contact with water and heat.

Wet cloth can be used to wipe areas if in contact with dirt.

A silver polishing cloth can be used to keep the silver detail shiny.

For more detailed care or damage, we accept items for repairs. Please contact us to find out more.

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