Every design decision at The Contrast Club is done through a sustainability filter. We strive to focus on natural materials that do not strain the earth’s resources, and are capable to being repaired and ultimately recycled.

We recognise that this is an ongoing process as small company must compromise to be able to operate. In an imperfect world one might have to succumb to the whims of the environment, however, the work to improve is never done.

This page goes into detail on material choices of the current collections


All of The Contrast Club’s unique metal pieces are cast at a family run foundry at the Finnish countryside

100% of cast precious metals from recycled material

100% of cast precious metals are made from recycled material, while all aluminium parts are made from party recycled metal that is left over from the industry.

Some metal parts used in products, especially for fastening, are sourced outside the company. The focus on these decisions has been on their mechanical properties, and this is one of our main areas of improvement when it comes to material sourcing.


We believe in natural materials and leather is a great example of a long lasting, beautiful material that has been used for centuries

All leather used by The Contrast Club is vegetable tanned, with most of it coming from an Italian tannery that is a member of the Pelle Al Vegetale consortium. The hides themselves are by products from the French food industry.


High quality standards are required to ensure that products are durable and have superior properties for their purpose of use

The main types of textiles used in The Contrast Club products are silk, cotton and felt.

Most of the silk used in the products is sourced and dyed in Asia. Some products use in-house dyed raw silk, where the dying process is done using natural dyes and the leftover liquid is not disposed of into the waterways. We aim to increase the amount of in-house dying in order to control our impact more.

All cotton used in the company is 100% organic cotton sourced from Germany.

Felt used for hats made by The Contrast Club is fur felt from the Czech Republic. Fur felt holds its shape well, and allows for superior heating and cooling properties, making the hat comfortable to wear in all weathers.


Fur is a wonderful material with its own personality and feel. It is, however, important to be mindful of its origin

For all company activities fur is only used if it can be sourced as a by-product or it is reused.

All fur used in The Contrast Club product is sourced from reindeers in Finland. The reindeer industry in the Nordics is a lot more than a meat production engine, it is a culture of respect and love for the traditional ways of living. For thousands of years the Sami people have lived in a symbiotic relationship with their herds of semi wild reindeer and supporting this culture and way of life is of the utmost importance to us as a company.

What can we do better?

Constant thought and effort goes into improving material choices and production methods. Your thoughts and ideas are very valued in this working process.

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