Towards light-hearted extravagance

Accessories are a beautiful way to decorate and express oneself. They sit in our cupboards as private treasures, and when taken out, elevate us and let us demonstrate who we truly are.

For thousands of years skilful artisans have been creating ingenious designs from the most prestigious natural materials, but in today’s industrial world they too often end up being an afterthought of fashion houses. They fall into the mercy of mass production companies, eating away creativity and limiting material options. Companies copy each other, stuck in old industry norms. We got bored of staring at an endless row of identical coated canvas wallets. We wanted something more. We wanted to mix things up.

Our aim is to bring value to the neglected and the forgotten. We use a combination of a rich network of artisans, sustainable materials and a pinch of science, to elevate these items and give them the appreciation they deserve. A hat on its own is a master piece, and a leather strap can be given life by ingenious mechanical systems. Our products have been born outside the box and there they will remain. Scrap the status quo, forget the boundaries. This interdisciplinary prowess delivers something truly unique, a treasure box of curiosities.

Contrast is beautiful