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Custom Hardware Design Services

Parallel to designing our complex range of mechanical products, we also provide custom engineering design services to the accessories industry.

We have a senior engineering team with several years of mechanical engineering experience from various industries and we work closely with our network of goldsmiths and jewelry service providers to deliver the highest quality service to our customers.

We specialise in micromechanical metal items and work on both static and motion pieces and offer different levels of support for our customers: from advisory services all the way to complete bespoke designs. We are a small design house which means that rapid prototyping and lean working is natural to us. Using the latest technologies we can model and trial different versions quickly.

We have in-house prototyping and assembly facilities and can support our customers in CAD, prototyping and manufacturing preparation.

Some of the items we work on are:

  • Hinges and Connectors
  • custom motion pieces
  • manufacturing and materials
  • cad support
  • sustainability analysis for material use

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