About Us

Introducing scientific experimentation to the classic world of accessories

The Contrast Club is a boutique design company that focuses on leather and precious metal accessories and intelligent visual experiences.

Our aim is to use aspects of mathematics and science to elevate classic accessories and to deliver unique and magical experiences.

Combining technical skills with a rich network of European artisans, we can explore the boundaries of “physical products” and deliver a whole new type of offering for the high end market.

Oyster on a plate

A world where products come to life

In ancient times people believed that metals had living souls because they were constantly changing their appearance and living together with their surroundings

Living in a logical world where myth and imagination are often ignored, we ask ourselves, why can’t we have the same level of appreciation for the precious items we have around us?

For us accessories are not an afterthought, but items of treasure that should bring a sense of curiosity and awe to any distinguished collection

Technical mastery, Artisanship and sustainable materials

We work from a visual starting point, testing technical systems to fit this agenda.

After design and technical testing all our products go through the hands of dedicated artisans who are carefully chosen for their specific expertise.

For our material choices, sustainability and fit for purpose are at the center stage of all decision making. We want to produce high quality items that stand the test of time.

Artisan tools at work

The Beautiful world of contrasts

Whether it is 19th century impressionism or colourful personalities, contrasts make the world a more interesting place. We want to celebrate these beautiful differences.

With great freedom comes great responsibility

We want to be part of a world where everything has space to flourish.

At the heart of all design lies a focus on responsibly sourced, high quality materials that are reparable and able to last through generations.

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