About Us

Specialist in micromechanics in the field of high jewelry and accessories design

Founded in 2019 The Contrast Club is a boutique design company that operates in the field of precious jewelry and leather accessories.

The Contrast Club specialises in micromechanisms and their integration into traditional items, making products that move and come alive.

The company also provides custom hardware design services for businesses.

The Team

Bringing artisans and engineers together

The company was founded by Suvi Ellilä who wanted to bring artistic expression into her own background of mechanical engineering.

Today The Contrast Club in Helsinki, Finland and uses local artisans and goldsmiths together with in-house engineering design with several years of engineering experience from a variety of industries.

Using modern engineering methods and processes the team tackles complex limitations associated with the accessories industry while trying to work towards their ideals of sustainable design.

The Mission

Creative expression

Watch makers use precision engineering to tell the time, we want to use it to tell stories, catch the imagination and make magical items that are both beautiful and well done.

Putting this puzzle together is not easy and we are only in the beginning of this process, but we have a great knowedge library and hope to use it more and more in the projects to come.